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  • Clinical Quality Botanical Extracts made from only Organically Grown or Ethically Wildcrafted Herbs & organic ingredients.
  • All Herbs Select Harvested™ at peak phytochemical saturation to ensure maximum potency.
  • We grow or harvest the vast majority of our herbs from our own organic fields or in the wild places of the Pacific Northwest. 
  • Rigorous Quality Analysis of all aspects of production from saving seeds & harvesting procedures through to processing, bottling, labeling, and record keeping. 
  • Total control from seed to product using our unique Field to Pharmacy Process™.
  • Each botanical is extracted according to its exact chemical profile to include a PHYTO-Synergized™ spectrum of bioactive constituents in each finished product.
  • Our products are never standardized.  We value the power inherent in each plant's naturally balanced synergy of constituents and leave it that way.We make sure that all Ethically Wildcrafted herbs are harvested to ensure continual harvests and leave a beneficial ecological impact. 
  • Our herbs are never fumigated, irradiated, or treated in any way.  Clean and Pure Only.

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