Our Vision

Here at Pharmacopia Herbals we care about People, Plants, and the Planet.  We dig our roots with reverence and pick flowers as the bees buzz on in the background.  Getting to know an herb is just the same as meeting a new friend, first you know their name and then you get to know some of their personality.  We understand that the connection between people and plants must go deeper than simply how to use herbs, and reach into intangible relationships that can bridge humankind into the next millennium sustainably. 

From our founders, committed to sustainability and ecological restoration and preservation, to our Ecologically Formulated™ products and focus on native Pacific Northwest botanicals, our products not only educate about and reinforce the importance of sustainable living, but also form a tool for the creation of a new way of understanding personal health care.  With Pharmacopia Herbals' products you are healing the Earth while you heal yourself.


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