Our products are never standardized.  We value the power inherent in each plant's naturally balanced synergy of constituents and leave it that way.  Each botanical is extracted according to its exact chemical profile to include a PHYTO-Synergized™ spectrum of bioactive constituents in the finished product.  

This means that each herb is extracted with its own unique menstruum, weight to volume ratio, and custom method of processing
.  Our technique enables us to replicate in our products the same diversity and proportions of bioactive chemicals present in the fresh herb we harvest.  Once each batch is macerated appropriately and has steeped for the proper length of time it is expressed through our high-pressure hydraulic press, decanted, filtered, bottled, sealed and labeled for sale.   

Some herbs make excellent extractions in a single menstruum, or with just one method of extraction.  If fact, that's the case with a large percentage of botanicals we process.   However, we have found that certain botanicals make more exceptional extracts when using our PHYTO-Synergized™ technique.  All herbs have multiple constituents that constitute the full spectrum of its medicinal potential.  When we make an extract, certain chemicals are immediately made soluble, while others take a few days, and others even weeks before the solution is fully saturated in the botanical's phytochemicals.  There are also some constituents that are never made soluble in the solution, and hereing lies both the problem and the solution.  While some say that tinctures are best because of their ease of use and rapid effects, and others hold fast to mineral rich infusions and decoctions, our technique gives you the best of both worlds.  When the essential constituents in an herb are soluble in different forms (root and seed), when you have a resin and a flavonoid - soluble in pure alcohol vs. pure water, respectively, or if the plant is most useful when the fresh and dried herbs are exctracted and used together, we make use of multiple native extractions and then combine them using proprietary formulations to make our full-spectrum products.  When you take our products you can "Feel the PHYTO-Synergized Difference!" 

Below are examples of PHYTO-Synergized extracts that demonstrate how we utilize very unique and specific extraction techiniques to obtain the most diverse array of bio-active constituents and offer our customers the full potential of each herb they consume.

Tulsi Liquid Extract
Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) has within a vast array of constituents that have many actions, all contributing to the overall effects of the herb.  While there are many of the anti-oxidant, aromatic, and anti-microbial compounds such as eugenol and b-ocimene that are all best extracted in a mostly ethanol hydro-alcoholic extract, there are also the very important anti-inflammatory and immune-enhancing polysaccharides that are best extracted in a solution made primarily of water, as per traditional use of the dried herb as a tea in India. The two differing types of constituents are not extracted in one solution as fully as with multiple solvent solutions that target the specific bio-active compounds and the array of synergistic constituents that accompany them.  In the case of Tulsi, we start with our organically grown premium grade Rama Tulsi straight from the farm.  We make two extractions to obtain the full potential of Tulsi's medicinal attributes.  The first extraction we make at harvest time, when we strip the leaves from the stems of harvested plants, and pluck the flower buds and spikes to yield fresh, pure leaf & flower.  We take this fresh leaf & flower directly to the lab for a mostly alcohol hydro-alcoholic preparation to yield the terpenes, phenols, etc.  This extract is pressed and finished within two months time.  Next, we harvest and carefully shade dry Tulsi's cerebral smelling aerial parts.  Once dried, the stems are rubbed out and we again have a pure leaf & flower product, dried and ready for use in the traditional aqueous solution.  We take this premium dry leaf & flower and prepare a very low alcohol, mostly water, hydro-alcoholic extract to obtain the polysaccharides and phenols responsible for more immune-enhancing effects of the herb.  Once these extracts have each completed their individual extraction and are ready for use they are combined in proportions that as closely as possible replicate the original diversity and proportions of bio-active constitutents in the living fresh plants to form our full-spectrum, PHYTO-Synergized™ Tulsi Extract.

After having grown Spilanthes (Spilanthes oleracea & S. acmella) for a number of years we noticed that each species had its own eccentricities and indications and wanted to utilize these for the health and benefit of our customers.  At first we were growing each species to decide which would make the more full-spectrum, clinically effective product. After much deliberation and multiple trials from extracts of each species we concluded that a combination of the two extracts would in fact be superior to one or the other.  So for our Spilanthes Liquid Extract we first grow two different species of Spilanthes.  Spilanthes acmella contains the highest amount of the tongue-tingling, immune-enhancing alkamides, particularly spilanthol and isobutylamide - a large part of Echinacea's immune-enhancing effects.  Spilanthes oleracea has a more purple-tinged leaf from its high content of strongly anti-oxidant polyphenols, flavonoids, and carotenoids.  These polyphenols simply aren't present in the S. acmella in as high of amounts (rarely any purple tinging even), but we have found S. acmella has the highest alkamide content per gram.  We make a high-strength (1:1. 6) ethanolic liquid extract from the fresh whole plant with roots in heavy flower from each species, both organically grown on our farm.  Once each extract is complete, the two are combined to form our full-spectrum PHYTO-Synergized™ Spilanthes Extract.


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