Field to Pharmacy Process™
Pharmacopia Herbals produces Superior Quality Botanical Extracts made from only Certified Organically Grown or Ethically Wildcrafted Herbs & organic ingredients.  We harvest from our own fields or ethically wildcraft over 96% of the raw herbs we use.  We know exactly where our herbs come from and so do you. 
  We can assure the highest quality, potency, and safety of our products as we have total control from seed to product using our unique Field to Pharmacy Process™.
   We start with seed that has been bred for medicinal attributes and saved from our own Oregon Tilth Certified Organic Farm patches, comprising over 15 cultivate
d acres with over 75 acres under Agro-forestry management in tree and forest crops. 
   This seed is planted in our greenhouse or directly in the fields as we anticipate the next generation of life on the farm.  Once germinated, young plants are mindfully tended to ensure optimal conditions for lush growth until the moment of harvest.
   Whether organically grown or ethically wildcrafted, we wait for the peak development and saturation of bioactive constituents in the plants’ tissues, at which time the herb is precisely Select Harvested™ and immediately moved to the shade.   We make sure that all ethically wildcrafted herbs are collected to ensure continual harvests and leave a beneficial ecological impact. 
   Once harvested, most herbs are garbled in the shade next to the field, and then transported directly to our laboratory.  When appropriate to enhance the desired constituents, herbs are taken to our shade dryer before processing at the lab.  Our herbs are never fumigated, irradiated, or treated in any way - Clean and Pure Only.
  Upon entering our facility each herb is tested for identity, contamination, and vibrancy.  After admittance we carry out all the processing under one roof in our 3500 ft2 Certified Organic facility, located between our two farms.

   Our products are never standardized.  We value the power inherent in each plant's naturally balanced synergy of constituents and leave it that way.  Each botanical is extracted according to its exact chemical profile to include a PHYTO-Synergized™ spectrum of bioactive constituents in the finished product.  This means that each herb is extracted with its own unique menstruum, weight to volume ratio, and extraction technique.  Our technique replicates as closely as possible in our products the same diversity and proportions of bioactive chemicals present in the fresh herb we harvest.  Once each batch is macerated appropriately and has steeped for the proper length of time it is expressed through our high-pressure hydraulic press, decanted, filtered, bottled, sealed and labeled for sale.       
   All of our Compound Extracts are carefully blended by hand and have been Ecologically Formulated™ to ensure that while our products nurture People they also nurture Mother Nature.  This means that we take great care when formulating our products to ensure that no sensitive herbs are unnecessarily used as a large percentage of a product and in turn needlessly contribute to its overharvest.  Instead, we consider all the ways that our use of each herb affects its continued success in the wild and formulate products to compliment and reflect the abundance of the natural landscape.  When potency levels can be maintained through careful mimicry of wild conditions we will cultivate wild herbs on our farm to take pressure off of natural stands.  Likewise, when a wild herb can be used sustainably and can further educate consumers about domestic analogs (replacements) to standard trade herbs we will emphasize and preferentially use the botanical in our attempt  at connecting people to place worldwide.   collecting data for our wildcrafting protocol formation.  Here we are taking photos of all the plants growing in a mountain meadow with our Native NW valerian.  We use these photos both to have data to evaluate the overall health of the meadow over many years, as well as to teach our Team how to follow our strict SOP's for wildharvesting our herbs.  We put this much effort into maintaining the integrity of every aspect of our production.
   Before being admitted out of our facility every single batch and product is verified by our Quality Control team.  We utilize rigorous Quality Analysis of all aspects of production from saving seeds & harvesting procedures through to processing, bottling, labeling, & record keeping in the laboratory to ensure safe, consistent, and effective products every time.  All of our production follows strict and specific Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s), laid out in the Standard Operating Procedures that make up our Field to Pharmacy Process™.
   All this effort to bring you the very best Nature can offer is the only way we’d have it.  We know that our products are different, and we know you will too.  

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