Education is Freedom
"Plants are nature's alchemist's expert at transforming water, soil, and sunlight into an array of precious substances, many of them beyond the ability of human beings to conceive, much less manufacture." - Michael Pollan
We are dedicated to education, the kind you really need - links, classes, herb walks, literature, and stepping stones in your herbal journey.  Whether you're right here in our local community in Eugene, Oregon or far off by foot but close at heart, we aim to offer you all the links and direction you need on your way to a plethora of herbal, personal health, scientific, agricultural, and environmental information.  We hope you'll use multiple sources of information along with the recommendations of your qualified healthcare provider to determine any sort of personal healthcare regimine. 
We've partnered with the Institute of Contemporary Ethnobotany (ICE) to form a solid educational platform over the years.  In collaboration with ICE we've created an extensive list of links on their site which you can open in a new window by clicking here .
We've also partnered with NCNM and Bastyr University to foster herbal knowledge, practice, and development in the Naturopathic Community right where it starts - with some of the nation's most prestigious natural medicine universities.  We deeply enjoy teaching, researching with and learning from the world's future doctors and practitioners of natural healthcare.   
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